Our Team

Adele Li

Adele is a freshman studying Computer Science, Finance, and Statistics in the M&T Program. She is passionate about digital health and EdTech and has previously worked in venture capital at Mayfield Fund and Paxion Capital. Adele enjoys playing jazz piano, traveling, and exploring restaurants in downtown Philly. Feel free to contact her for a chat!

Dan Cahana
Portfolio & Outreach

Dan is a sophomore studying Finance, Marketing and Operations Management, and Computer Science. He enjoys learning about fintech and IoT companies and has previously spent time in venture capital at Jerusalem Venture Partners. He is the director of consulting for TAMID. Dan loves playing tennis, hiking, and reading. Feel free to reach out to him.

Jason Shein

Jason is a senior studying Engineering Entrepreneurship and Science, Technology, and Society. He enjoys learning about enterprise software companies and has previously spent time in venture capital and growth equity at Compound and General Atlantic, respectively. Jason loves working out and traveling, and working at coffee shops on campus.

Julia Taitz

Julia is a sophomore studying Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Computer Science. She enjoys learning about both web and mobile software companies and has previously worked as an iOS engineer and teacher at Planvan and the Flatiron School. Julia loves skiing and baking, and you can often find her chatting and socializing on campus.

Nathan Frey
Project Manager

Nathan is a graduate student studying Materials Science and Engineering. He enjoys learning about cleantech and has a master’s degree in physics from Boston University, where he helped develop self-assembling organic building-blocks for next generation solar cells. Nathan loves going to shows in Fishtown and translating Japanese short stories. You can find him at a Center City coffee shop.

Rachel Rubin
Project Manager

Rachel is a senior studying Science, Technology, and Society and Consumer Psychology. She has previously spent time in telecom and adtech at Comcast and AppNexus, respectively. Rachel loves going to comedy shows and exploring Philadelphia. You can find her at a Bloomers show on campus. Please feel free to reach out to her.

Samantha Burns

Sam is a junior at Penn, studying Materials Engineering and Marketing & Operations Management. Outside of her role as the co-chair of the Innovation Fund, she can also be found working in her roles as a project leader for MUSE Consulting and a teaching assistant for a nanoscale technology lab. Sam is an avid fan of ballet and nachos.

Spencer Weiss

Spencer Weiss is a freshman studying bioengineering. He is interested in biosciences companies and cloud laboratory services, and he has published research on cancer immunotherapy through Georgetown University. Spencer loves good food and good books, and you can find him cheering (and too often groaning about) his hometown (Washington, D.C.) sports teams.